Liquid Assets is published by

Purple Mountain Press,

Fleischmanns, NY

Liquid Assets, Expanded Edition

THE NEW YORK CITY water system is, by every measure, an engineering marvel. Delivering about a billion gallons of water each day to more than nine million people, it is a complex network of reservoirs stretching out over a vast upstate region and connected by a web of subterranean aqueducts that rival those of the ancient Romans. The system, so pivotal to the development of the nation’s largest city and its northern suburbs, was realized over the past 175 years and indeed is still being built beneath the subways and skyscrapers of New York.


THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE were forced to relinquish their homes in dozens of communities leveled to make way for the reservoirs of the Croton, Catskill and Delaware supplies. Hundreds of workers died building the tunnels and dams; countless more were injured. The story of the New York City water system is one of genius and daring, sacrifice and tragedy.


THIS EXPANDED VERSION OF LIQUID ASSETS includes 36 new pages and a portfolio of color photos detailing infrastructure projects, watershed protection programs, conservation efforts and recreation and historic preservation initiatives launched since the book was first published in 1999. In Liquid Assets, author Diane Galusha traces the ongoing history of the amazing water system that continues to alter landscapes, transform lives and make possible New York’s preeminence among the world’s great cities.

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